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Walk In Cooler and Freezer Service Bolingbrook , Illinois

Refrigeration systems are critical to your business in Bolingbrook , IL, and proper maintenance is key to protecting this investment. If you experiencing problems with you walk-in freezer or refrigerator, ACTION Heating & Air Conditioning has the staff and experience to solve your problems. Whether it is scheduled preventative maintenance, condenser service and replacement, or emergency maintenance, the ACTION Heating & Air Conditioning team of expert technicians is ready to respond to your needs in Bolingbrook , IL.

5 Star Rating

I found that the evaporator fan motors are not running due to a bad defrost thermostat /fan control. I replaced the control and the new control was heading the same issue as the old one. I will have to come back next week with a new controller and tests to make sure the unit is operating properly. I currently have the fans wired in to run without the thermostat. this will allow the freezer to cool properly but the thermostat will have to be put back in to prevent component damage. WALK IN FREEZER, 2 DOOR REACH IN BEER COOLER